Indigenous Gardening and Environmental Practices Resources

We have compiled a range of resources for students of the Indigenous Gardening Course

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Local Indigenous Land Councils:- 


Books and resources related to Indigenous Culture 

  • The last Nomads – C.J. Peasley
  • Dark Emu – Bruce Pascoe
  • Under a Bilari Tree I born – Alice Bilari Smith 
  • The Future Eaters – Tim Flannery 

Books on Indigenous Plants

  • Flora of Melbourne – Marilyn Bull
  • Bush Tukkah – Samantha Martin
  • Grow you own Bushfoods – Keith and Irene Smith
  • Sherbrooke Forest – its flora and history – Friends of Sherbrooke Forest 
  • Wild Food Plants – Tim Low
  • The oldest food on Earth – John Newton
  • Connected – Phillip Johnson



Resources – Indigenous Plants 

What is an indigenous plant? 

“Technically, ‘native plants’ refer to plants from a particular country, like Australia. Whereas ‘indigenous plants’ refer to plants from a certain locality,” endemic.

Yarra Ranges resources 
Other courses
  • Gardens
Nurseries and places to purchase indigenous plants 
Bushfood products – places to purchase

The Name of the Dandenong Ranges.   Corhanwarrabul

The etymology of the Dandenongs is a complicated one. Two names have been used to refer to the ranges; Corhanwarrabul and Dandenong, both derived from the Woiwurrung language of the Wurundjeri people.

It is thought that the name Dandenong was applied to the ranges due to being the origin of the Dandenong Creek; however, the original name for Dandenong Creek was Narra Narrawong. The origin of the name Dandenong is unknown, as is its meaning or correct spelling with other variations include; TanjenongTangynon and Bangeong. In any case, both names relate to watercourses rather than mountains or ranges, as indicated by the ong ending. Given that the name Dandenong may not apply to anything in the immediate area, the relevance of the name Corhanwarrabul becomes apparent. Carhanwarrabul (pronounced either “corhan-warrabul” with a silent “h”, or “cor-hana-warrabul”) or Koran warrabin[1] was the original name for one of the two main summits, perhaps both or perhaps the entire range. The name applied to the main summits and was in continued use up until around 1900, when the name Dandenong appeared. At any rate, Corhanwarrabul remains the most relevant name for the ranges to date.  (SOURCE: WIKIPEDIA)


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