Wombalana is a magical wilderness.

If you walk up the stairs from Selby House or down the bushy paths from the local carparks, you’ll go on a journey tens of thousands of years back in time.

Wombalana is a wild garden of giant rocks, huge logs and spiky plants – and an enormous megafauna, the Diprotodon.

In Wombalana, our nature play space gives kids the chance to get lost in the wonder of nature, with dry creek beds, mazes, a mud kitchen, tunnels, mounds and natural treehouses. Kids are encouraged to run, jump, play, learn, and discover the wild side of life.

(Acknowledgments: Diprotodont design and concept by Stephen Mushin. Landcaping concept by RB Landscapes) 

Thank you to everyone who came to celebrate the Launch of the Wombalana Wild Garden. We were overwhelmed with the 500+ who attended. Thank you to Yarra Ranges Council and First National Real Estate for the festival support.


Wombalana Wild Garden is closed to the public during weekdays from 10-11.30am and 1-2.30pm.
We appreciate your understanding.